Bids Are Invited For Piano Type Non Modular Domestic Electrical Sockets - Is 1293 (Q3) , Non-Modular Piano Type Domestic Electrical Switches - Is 3854 (Q3) , Piano Type Non Modular Electrical Switch Socket Combination - Is 3854 And Is 1293 (Q3) , Electrical Plug (Q3) , Lamp Sockets Lamp Holder As Per Is:1258 (Q3) , Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Plasticized Pvc Tapes With Nonthermosetting Adhesive As Per Is:7809 (Part 3/Section 1) (Q3) , Led Lamps- Bulb-Is:16102 (Q2) , Plug And Socket Distribution Board (Q3) , Miniature Circuit Breakers-Is 60898-1:2002 (Q3) , Modular Electrical Enclosure Switchboard Boxes For Modular Type Accessories (Q3) , Pvc Coppercable, Single Core, Unsheathed Cables With Flexibleconductor As Per Is:694 (Q3) , Led Surface Ceiling Light-Is:10322 (Q3) , Tungsten Filament Lamp For Domestic Andsimilar General Lighting Purpose- Is 418 (Q3) , True Rmsclamp Meter (Q3)Mse Total Quantity : 3109

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July 12, 2022

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