Bids Are Invited For Providing Security Services

Bids Are Invited For Providing Security Services

Latest Bihar Tenders are invited by Department Of Science And Technology for purchase of Providing Security Services And Other Human Resources -i) Complete security to the life and property of the residence (faculties, staff, students, official visitors and guests) and assets of the Institut e. ii) Safeguard against trespasses iii) Security covers to various official functions, students, functions, VIP visits, Social & religious functions organized in the campus commun ity. iv) Protect property/Cash/documents against burglary (where loss is due to entry after breaking the any entry lock/door/ window/grill) v) Control of vehicular traffic. vi) Maintain vigil and undertake surveillance for control of untoward incidents, specially involving the outside elements. vii) Control of stray cattle and canine menace. viii) Pursuance of case with local police and liaison with them. ix) Assist the Institute in maintenance of daytoday discipline and smooth running of various activities. x) Provide timely intelligence inputs to the institute administration. The agency will bear overall responsibility for maintaining peace and tranquility on the campus. It has to ensure a theft incident free camp us from law and order point of view on priority basis.

The due date of this bid is 26-04-2021

the estimated contract value is not available please refer to the tender document for detail.

More details are available on TDR: 27681584Tender 247

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