Medical Devices/Consumables Required Tenders in Bihar

Medical Devices/Consumables Required Tenders in Bihar

Many Medical Devices/Consumables Required Tenders in Bihar. One of these Tenders is invited for Re-Tender For The Procurement, Rate Contract & Supply Of Medical Devices/Consumables Required For Rtpcr Lab Installed At Different Govt. Health Institutions Of Bihar 1 Cryovials 2 Cryobox 3 Pipette Aid 4 Pipette Aid 5 Pipette Aid 6 Pipette Aid 7 Forceps 8 Discarding jars 9 Biomedical waste disposal (BMW)bags 10 Biomedical waste disposal Bins 11 Iceboxes with gel packs 12 Tube rack 13 Tube rack 14 Permanent Marker pen 15 Cellotape 16 Printer with label markers (for label print outs) 17 1.7 ml Eppendorf Tubes 18 Cryovial/ Eppendorf rack 19 Micropipettes- 20 Filter Barrier Tips: 21 Filter Barrier Tips: 22 Tissue rolls 23 PCR tubes/ PCR plates 24 PCR plates adhesive seals & plate sealer 27 Micropipettes- 28 Filter Barrier Tips: 29 Filter Barrier Tips: 30 Nuclease free water for PCR 31 RNase P On government tender publish tender in Bihar

The last date of submission of this tender is 08-06-2021

Estimated Tender Value is not available please refer to the tender document for detail.

More details are available on TDR :27945030

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