Supply of Cultivator ( 1 pieces )

Co-operative Department : Sasaram, Bihar

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Specification  :
  • Standard Parameters : Type test certifications – Test report from FMTTI’s Budhin/NRFMTTI’s Hisar or institute recognized by M&T Department, DAC, MoA&FW, GOI
  • Performance Parameters : Type of cultivator – Rigid tyne cultivator, Spring loaded tyne cultivator, Number of Tyne used – 11, Spring index number  – 4 to 5, NA for rigid tyne, Warranty in years  – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Number of Spare shovel supplied  – 5, 10, Not supplied
  • Dimensional and Material Parameters  : Material of Tyne -Carbon steel, High carbon steel, Boron Steel

Delivery Days – 45

Document Required :

  • Certificate (Requested in ATC),OEM Authorization Certificate *In case any bidder is seeking exemption from Experience / Turnover Criteria, the supporting documents to prove his eligibility for exemption must be uploaded for evaluation by the buyer
  • Supply Installation Testing Commissioning of Goods and Training of operators and providing Statutory Clearances required (if any)
  • BIDDER/OEM must have Dedicated/toll Free Telephone No. for Service Support.
  • Bidder/OEM must provide Escalation Matrix of Telephone Numbers for Service Support.
  • The bidder or the OEM of the offered products must have ISO 9001 certification.
  • Material Test Certificate Should Be Sent Along with The Supply. The Material Will Be Checked by Buyer’s Lab & the Results of the Lab will be the Sole Criteria for Acceptance of the Item

The bidder is required to upload, along with the bid, all relevant certificates such as BIS licence, type test certificate, approval certificates and other certificates as prescribed in the Product Specification given in the bid document.

For Online Bidding Support : Call 9724912470 / 9898060200

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